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7 Top Tips To Overcome Burnout & Overwhelm

If you’re an entrepreneur, Founder or Business Owner then you will at some point, experienced levels of burnout, overwhelm, lack of clarity and focus or imposter syndrome.

In addition, the challenges of Covid seem to have amplified these enemies of progress.

On the bright side, the good news is that there are simple things you can do to help get clear and be powerful no matter what you are facing.

The following powerful tools will help you to master your mindset, transform your life and be the leader that you have always known you could be.

Are you ready? Here they are!

1. Surround yourself with inspirational quotes.

This simple action is a reminder to help you catch yourself when those negative thoughts are running through your head. Those thoughts impact your perception and your perception determines your actions. Make the quotes easy to see, put them on your walls, on a screensaver and in places that you regularly find yourself.

2. Start Journaling! We are called human beings for a reason.

The human part refers to our physical body and the being part of our ontology

(i.e. being happy, being free, being powerful etc). When you keep thoughts in your head (especially negative ones), they weigh on your being. Journaling unburdens you and lightens you up.

3. Take a walk in the cemetery (during the day, of course).

This is a humbling exercise that will give you a healthy perspective. Your focus will shift from worrying about what you don't have to an appreciation of the joy of life. Reminding you that if you are still alive, you are STILL in the game!

4. Go for a walk in nature.

Take your time and soak in your surroundings. Use all of your senses (what you can see, touch, smell, hear, taste) and how you feel. This gets you present and snaps you out of any rut.

5. Switch off the news! Why? Because the human mind is designed to be programmed.

Having constant negative information wash over you conditions your thinking and impacts your perspective, which is a breeding ground for fear, anxiety and worry. You can try it for 2, 5 or 7 days and dip in and dip out if you have to.

6. Switch on Positivity.

Record your favourite quotes on a voice note, then find an app that loops them. Play it in the background whilst working or doing chores. This will programme your mind with what you want and hearing your own voice will reinforce self-esteem.

7. Create an integrity list.

This list can be as simple as cleaning the table, washing dishes, calling your friend or family member, posting that letter etc. This will allow you to have some quick wins.

Still, have questions or feel you need extra support and accountability with this?

We offer 1 to 1 and Group coaching sessions to support you. So reach out to us and share your burnout, overwhelm, lack of clarity & focus, imposter syndrome and the rest AND let's deal with it.

Click here to schedule a Clarity & Power Call. We can’t wait to meet you!

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