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Hench in the UK is synonymous with being muscly and physically fit. This is why we started life as a fitness clothing company in 2010. For us it then evolved to being more than that. It became about building and empowering the most powerful muscle for a human being - the brain and the mind.

So when we say Get Hench we are not just talking about your physical muscles, we are talking about having your brain and mind work for you and NOT against you. Our vision is about having all of the elements of a human being (Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit) working in sync. When that happens, we call that "Being Your Awesome" and that's what our logo signifies.


That's how we define Hench!



Our logo is a representation of the human Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit working in sync. These are all of the elements of a human being. We wanted something abstract to capture our vision. We didnt want tensing biceps, triceps etc, it's so cliche and doesnt capture what we are about! This does!

Logo What.jpg

How we define Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit


MIND - Your thinker, intellect and intelligence that allows you dream and come up with incredible ideas. It's a garden, the more you care for it, the more it blossoms.


BODY - Your physical representation. Thats how we know you're here on the planet. Look after it and it will look after you.


SOUL - Your feeler and your emotions. Past hurt and emotional let downs are stored here, so it's important to heal it.


SPIRIT - Your whole, it encompasses all of the aspects of you. It brings everything together. Spend time on this if you truly want to flourish.


Be Your Awesome

Means that you are doing the things that truly reveal who you are. You are doing the things that light you up and you are not settling for less. You are stepping out of your comfort zone into the courage zone and into the audacious zone!


When all of your elements (Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit) are working in sync you are truly Being Your Awesome!


For us it's clear that every person has incredible potential. We've seen that in ourselves and the people that we've supported over the years. We don’t want people to live a "pretend life", we want them to live their life to the fullest.


We also want to contribute to others, especially the next generation.


The number one regret that people have in life, is that they didn’t live a life true to their dreams. We don’t want people to have that regret, we want them to live a life true to their dreams. That’s why we do what we do.


The Get Hench Vision Statement captures it in three simple paragraphs:


"We want people to have the Audacity, Boldness and Courage to live a life true to their Dreams.​


We want them to Become Purpose and in so doing Shine their Light for the next Generation.​


We want them to be their Awesome!"

Image by Austin Distel


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Address: Get Hench Limited

63/66 Hatton Garden

Fifth Floor, Suite 23

London EC1N 8LE


Telephone: 0208 945 3377



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