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“Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

Peter Drucker

Ademola has 20 years experience of working in business and sales (13 in leadership and management roles). He has built and trained many high performing teams and helped to generate £21m+ revenue for the businesses he has worked for. In his last role he took a team from £400k to £2.1m in 2.5 years (£4.55m total revenue in that time frame) and successfully promoted 5 managers internally (which is something that the company had never done before). Many of his recruits have gone on to be directors, managers and leaders within different businesses.


He started in the sales industry aged 19 and went on to deliver results beyond his years. So he knows what it takes to support you to hit your sales figures.


He can support you from the interview and recruitment stage all the way to developing your own high performing team that hits and exceeds sales targets.


Here are just some of the areas he can support you with:


  • Creating a powerful and effective Value Proposition (VP)

  • Developing an effective sales process

  • Identifying your Unique Selling Points (USPs)

  • Creating a clear & powerful close

  • Accurately forecasting

  • Onboarding strategy & training for new recruits

  • Training and upskilling an existing team

  • Creating a winning mentality & a powerful team culture

To book Ademola for the above or any other topics that you would like, please complete this form.

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