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Ademola has 20 years experience of working in business and sales (13 in leadership and management roles). He has built and trained high performance teams and helped to generate £21m+ for the businesses he has worked for. In his last role took a team from £400k to £2.1m in 2.5 years (£4.55m total revenue) and successfully promoted 5 managers internally (which is something that the company had never done before). Many of his recruits have gone on to be directors, managers and leaders within different businesses.

His clients included big names such Facebook, IBM, Intel, Nestle, L'Oreal and many others.


Ademola Jonathan Adeyeba is a Forbes featured entrepreneur and a Leading Mindset, Transformation & Leadership Coach. He is the Founder & CEO of Get Hench. He has appeared on BBC Radio London, Sky One (The Angel TV Show) and has been featured in papers such as The Voice and Africa Telegraph.



He trained as a coach with a global self-development company and was the number 1 trainer out of around 400 in Europe. He then progressed to leading a programme on Self Expression & Leadership, where he was 1 of 4 in Europe and 1 of 200 globally at the time. He is highly trained in what is fundamental to human performance and how people can produce exceptional results.


Ademola was born in Nigeria as the only boy of five children, so this made for some interesting hand-me-downs from his sisters when growing up. He moved to the UK when he was 9 years old. He was bullied in primary school for being the African boy with the accent.

There were many challenges during his upbringing in the UK and there were times he considered taking his own life, he ran away from home and he got involved with the wrong crowd and nearly got stabbed as a teenager. With support around him he pulled through and learned to make better choices. He progressed to Uni where he got a 2:1 in electronics engineering, it was during this time that he began his journey in sales and business.

He received a tuition fee for £1,025 in 1999 that changed his life. That was a lot of money back then.

It was at this point that he started to learn the importance and power of facing your fears and taking personal responsibility. He started to discover the difference that taking action makes in life. It is because of his journey from a young person to now that he says, “if you’re still breathing, you’re still in the game”. This is a key reason why he started Get Hench, so that people can flourish, succeed and live a life true to their dreams regardless of their past. 


People have incredible dreams, so he wants them to have the boldness and audacity to make those dreams a reality.

That’s why his personal vision is for people to be unleashed into their greatness and become purpose. He wants them to be their Awesome!

He is married to his amazing wife Pamela.


He is also the Founder & CEO of Social Enterprise 1000 Black Boys.

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