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about get hench

The GET HENCH™ brand and the GET HENCH OR...DIE TRYING!!!® range is for those who are serious about their training. So whether you're HENCH , FEMALE HENCH™ or you have a burning desire to up your level then we are the BRAND for YOU. (Check out our full definition of HENCH on the “What's HENCH? Page)

Let's be honest the GET HENCH OR...DIE TRYING!!!® range is a little bit in your face, it's BOLD and its LOUD. Then again, let's also be honest that most of us go to the gym because we want to look good and because we like the attention. So it's ONLY right that after we've put in ALL that effort that we wear something that SHOWS OFF our HARD WORK.

If you're the type of person that likes to get in the zone and shuts outs time wasters when you're training, then GET HENCH...OR DIE TRYING®!!! is the training gear you need.

If you're the type that SHOUTS and GRUNTS while you're PUSHING the weights, JUST to make sure the weights do as they're told, then its only right that you wear the CORRECT gym wear. If you have a GOAL and the BURNING DESIRE to get there, then GET HENCH...OR DIE TRYING®!!! is JUST for you.

We want to make sure that as well as wearing our garments while you're training, you can also wear them while you're out in a club, a bar or wherever you normally spend your time. So that's why we give you our "Attention Satisfaction Guaranteed" promise. Wherever you wear one of our garments ONE or ALL of the following will happen:

  1. People will tell you THEY LOVE what you're wearing.
  2. They'll ask you where you got it from.
  3. They'll read the slogan and start laughing....out of respect of course.

GET HENCH™ Clothing Company and The GET HENCH...OR DIE TRYING!!!® range is the brainchild of gym enthusiasts who wanted clothing that captured their HENCH state of mind. They got tired of the same boring gym t-shirts and vests. After years of punishing gym sessions, sacrifices, protein shakes and evolving the idea, then WHAM!!!.... GET HENCH™ Clothing Company and The GET HENCH...OR DIE TRYING!!!® range was born.

Ade's Bio

about get hench

Ademola Jonathan Adeyeba

Co-Founder & CEO

Lovingly known as Ade, Jono, Johno and Demola. Has a passion for sports, put anything sport related on TV and he will watch it, especially his beloved Arsenal. Works out 4-5 times a week to maintain the Henchness. Has 10 years experience of working and managing in sales which has helped inspire his mindset for dreaming BIG, getting things done and having fun in the process. Firmly believes in the following two principles; No.1 "That the greatest thing to fear is fear itself." No.2 "That wisdom is the principal, therefore get wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding."

Our Mission

Is to be THE clothing brand with a difference. We are for people who are tired of wearing these same boring brands. Whenever you want gym wear, gym clothing, gym gear, training gear or whatever you might call it, we want you to come to us. So Along with your Nike trainers, your Adidas tracksuit bottoms, your Gold's gym belt, your protein shake, we want you to have something from the GET HENCH...OR DIE TRYING!!!® range.

A note from the team to support originality

Since the birth of the GET HENCH™ brand and the GET HENCH...OR DIE TRYING!!!® range, some people (who obviously DON’T have a HENCH™ mindset) have started copying us.

We know that imitation is a form of flattery but we’d like to ask you to stay away from these people who lack originality, who lack imagination and who really have no business with anything hench....PLEASE ONLY buy the Authentic GET HENCH...OR DIE TRYING!!!® range from this site.


The GET HENCH™ Team.